Parallel Path: Multi-tasking Tips for Your Morning Commute

The PATH. Love it or hate it, it’s one of the fastest ways to get into Manhattan. Unfortunately, for most of us, there’s no cell service for much of the ride. And while this might seem like a bad thing for multitasking, but it actually makes it a great place to get ahead, get side hustling and figure out your next moves.

Draft is Your Best Friend

When I built my company, 6boro Social, I was working full-time and working side hustle gigs full-time. It was a lot! It required a lot of time management and, lucky for you, I’ve kept those skills sharp as I’ve continued to build (and expand!) my business in the past three years.

Drafting emails and proposals while you’re on-the-go might seem challenging, but it is the best thing to do to take advantage of “downtime.” The PATH travel time isn’t downtime, it’s time you can use to focus without the digital distractions that so often occupy our time.

PATH Chats

Trying to make time to connect with new friends or business connections can be challenging -- there are only so many hours in the day -- but using the time you have in transit for real, in-person meetings can help you stay connected. It’s a great time and place to meet a mentor, focus on catching up with an old friend or taking the time to simply learn more about a new connection.

Colorful Ways to Decompress

Feeling burned out? Use the PATH as a time to decompress. Download a podcast, meditation or playlist that makes you feel great before you head underground and fill your ears with whatever makes you happiest in the morning! It could also be a recording of your goals -- the most successful people in the world review their goals daily (and do these 14 other things according to Business Insider!). Another fun thing to try? Adult coloring! Basically, getting a coloring book with any sort of message can help you calm down but there are also coloring books specifically dedicated to Adult Coloring. The benefits are truly endless and it’s simple to carry in your briefcase or purse.

Other ways to make your commute count? Try reading a newspaper or learning a new language. Using the time to expand your knowledge outside of your 9 to 5 and all the other things you focus on throughout the day will not only make your commute more enjoyable, it will also make you more successful.

Have a fun way to pass the time on the PATH? Tell me about it! Tag on Instagram with your tips and more.

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